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Suck UK Playing Cards Drink Mats

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Never misplace your drink again. All you have to do is remember which card is yours. A full deck of playing cards, that are beer mats - made from old fashioned recycled paper pulp for that authentic pub feel. 3 genuinely useful functions and crafty graphic details. Perfect for your home bar. A great gift for the hard partying gambler in your life.

Material: paper
Dimension:  w9 x d9 x h9 cm

/ Full deck of playing cards made from beer mats.
/ Spot the hidden beverage in each picture card...
/ Absorbent, durable paper pulp, great for soaking up spills.
/ Complete set of 52 full-size beer mats + 2 Jokers.
/ Use as drink markers, remember your card, don't lose your drink.
/ Plastic free product and packaging. 100% Recycleable.