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XL Boom


XL Boom Volta Scented Candle Small , Sunday Touch

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Close your eyes and focus.

Feel the glow of the sun. Hear the soft tune of the piano and see the familiar skyline. Now take a deep breath. Warm, rich and powerful. The strong, wooden yet sweet aroma of the Sunday Touch scented candle offers an intense and savoury element to your home. Feel the warmth of the sun whenever you inhale this luxury and bewitching scent. The inviting amber fragrance creates that homey but lavish ambience you’re looking for. Let the evocative odour of these elegant and enticing scented candles bring back warmth and comfort.

Feel the sun. Hear the piano. See the skyline.

Sunday Touch, experience the scent.

Material: glass
Dimension: ø9.5 x h7 cm