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XL Boom


XL Boom Volta Scented Candle Small , Forest Mist

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Close your eyes and focus.
Imagine you’re in a forest. You feel the subtle shade of the trees on your skin. You hear a bird quietly chirp and you see the tree that’s proudly standing in front of you. All the aspects of this enchanting landscape are observable. Now take a deep breath. Fresh yet sweet. A dense, refined and misty aroma fills your lungs. A hint of leather and wood, combined with the fresh smell of moss and birch leaves. The perfect representation of health and new beginnings. Forest Mist lets you embrace the gentle, cool toned fragrance of a healthy, refreshing walk in the woods.

Feel the shade. Hear the bird. See the tree.

Forest mist, experience the scent.

Material: glass
Dimension: ø9.5 x h7 cm