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Lemnos Riki Steel Wall Clock, Black

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Design by Riki Watanabe. After advocating the concept of a personal clock among the public as a “small wall clock,” our viewpoint further changed to look at its practicality. Quartz clocks are more precise, typically with an error of only a few seconds in a month. What kind of personality is suitable for them? If it is made smaller, the visibility will decrease. So it’s better to scale down the image than to reduce the actual size.
In 1977, those clocks were designed based on a theme of balance between “the power concentrating inside and spreading outside” and created one of the completed versions of the personal clock, which can appear larger or smaller using an ideal combination of lines toward twelve different directions and Arabic numerals. You can experience it by getting close and then stepping slightly back.

- Sweep second (silent movement)
- Requires 1 AA battery (not included)
- SKP movement. SKP is a movement sold by Seiko Clock, Inc.
- ref #WR17-10 BK

Material: Steel, ABS resin, glass
Dimension: Ø20.4 x H6 cm