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Studio Domo


Studio Domo Dustin pedal bin

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DUSTIN is a waste bin with a pedal that can be used alone or in a row (e.g. for recycling). The lid can be opened with the pedal which sits within the contour of the bin, without projecting outwards. The cubic body with the curved front gives the waste bin a sculptured form. The succinct recess makes room for the foot pedal.

Material: ABS
Dimensions: w34 x d21 x h50.5 cm

/ Pedal opening design with built-in hydraulic mechanism allows the lid to close slowly and silently.
/ When changing the liner, the lid can also be lifted by hand and then stays in the open position.
/ DUSTIN is suitable for conventional bin liners, but can also accommodate plastic shopping bags with handles.
/ Hidden design, bag will stay inside while the lid is closed. The bin's appearance is clean.
/ DUSTIN has a rear handle for carrying, which also serves to create an offset to the wall and as a stop for the lid.