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Magis Folly bench, rust brown 1069C (outdoor)

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The Folly Bench was designed by Ron Arad for the Italian label Magis and is a unique design object that is sitting accommodation and design sculpture in one.

The Folly Bench by Magis is manufactured of polyethylene in a rotation moulding process, which makes it exceptionally weather-proof and a great item for your outdoor area. Especially its sensational size - Folly offers space for up to 10 people - makes it a real eye-catcher in public places and business areas! The organic, very dynamic shape of the Folly Bench by Magis is based on the Moebius strip, which makes no distinction between up and down or inside and outside. True to this system the sitting area of the Folly Bench flows right into the backrest, so that your guests can even sit across from each other.

Materials: polyethylene
Dimensions: 360 *95 * h110cm (Seat Height: 37cm)
Weight: 105kg