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Qeeboo Kong lamp XS, bright pink

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Time has passed since its 1933 cinema debut: (King) Kong, the ferocious beast became a good hero when the feelings began to resurface, and, reluctantly abandoned the jungle, the city now seems to have become home, whether New York or any other city.

With its 58 cm height, Kong XS is a unique lamp and it can be used both as a table lamp and as a floor lamp, with countless possibilities of customization of the home.

Weight: 3 Kg
Material: PE-Polyethylene
Arm mobility: -45° ÷ 75° (tot 120°)
Cable lenght: 70+180 cm
Lamp: GU10 LED 4,5W

Dimensions: 45 cm - 33 cm - h 58 cm cm

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