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The Skateroom


Untitled #414 (Clown) Hand-signed by Cindy Sherman (set of 3)

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In Untitled #414, 2003, we find Cindy Sherman disguised as a clown, wrapped in turquoise robe bedazzled in sequins. Like so much of her work, this piece shows Cindy Sherman carefully manipulating her pose, gesture, costume and makeup, using lighting, and composition to create dramatic portraits of herself as a clown. Staged against backdrops of vivid color, Sherman’s Clowns series mixes the masquerade and the make believe, humor and horror. Is this image hysterical or unsettling? Is the character delighted or, beneath the makeup, deeply troubled?

Working with THE SKATEROOM, Sherman has released her work on the skateboard as a medium, and each edition is hand-signed by Cindy Sherman.

- made of 7 ply grade a canadian maple wood
- top-print includes printed signature of the artist
- 1 wall mount included per deck

material: 7 ply grade a canadian maple wood.
each deck dimension: w81 x d20 cm