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The Skateroom


Light Haze Day Skateboard Set by Nara Yoshitomo (Set of 3)

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Created in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Light Haze Day reflects Yoshitomo Nara in search of a new artistic stylistic direction. Utilizing patchworks of shimmering color, reminiscent of French modernist landscape painting, Nara creates an almost iridescent hue that diverges from past portraits. This piece is evidence of an emotional shift that has taken place, perhaps impacted by the pandemic itself, in Nara’s approach.

© Yoshitomo Nara

- Made of 7 ply grade A canadian maple wood
- Top-print includes printed signature of the artist
- Wall mount included

Material: 7 ply grade A Canadian maple wood
Dimension: W20 x H81 cm