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Pols Potten


Pols Potten Flower Mug, Stientje (200ml)

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This unique cup is a meeting between a contemporary porcelain cup and one of an earlier age. It is a symbol of the meeting of young and old It is a symbol of the meeting of young and old that we all should encourage. Because whether it is your parents, your grandparents or that old lady living down the street, they all have wonderful stories and lessons to teach us. That is what makes this a striking design. Classic never goes out of style! STIENTJE VEENSTRA born November 12th, 1921 birthplace Groningen, The Netherlands married Henk in 1946 children Willemijn, Bernadine & Marga work At the clubhouse of Groningen football club hobby FC Groningen “I met Sjaak at the funfair in Groningen. 9 months later I had triplets; Willemijn, Bernadine and Marga. I never saw Sjaak again…”

Material: Glazed porcelain
Dimension: W7.5 x D10 x H7 cm