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Umbra Sling Dish Rack, white/grey

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Introducing SLING DISHRACK: the space-saving and efficient solution for your dishes. This easy-to-use and durable dishrack is designed to maximize capacity while minimizing clutter. The SLING DISHRACK features a metal foldaway rack and a folding mat that fits perfectly into a convenient caddy base. The base has three divided sections for your cutlery, large utensils, or dish cleaning accessories like sponges and scrub brushes. Not only is the SLING DISHRACK incredibly functional, but it's also portable. It folds away for easy storage when you're not using it, and it's perfect for taking on camping trips. To keep everything in place, a silicone band wraps around the caddy base and holds up the mat and rack when they're not in use. Get organized with SLING DISHRACK today. Measures 12.87 x 15.02 x 6.77" (33 x 38 x 17 cm). Made with recycled plastic and included mat is dishwasher-safe. ♻️ Made from 50% recycled plastic.

Material: recycled abs
Dimension: 33w x 38d x 17cmh