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Braun BC21 Digital Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

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The BC21 Wireless Charging Clock has been designed with a focus on innovation and function. Its silhouette is derived from the DN 40, one of Braun’s early digital alarm clocks designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs in 1976. The form of the BC21 is reminiscent of a classic Braun product while its function has been redefined for a modern user.

The design of the BC21 naturally encourages the user to place their device on the wireless charging pad (10W Qi wireless) which sits behind the self-adjusting LCD display (Auto brightness), out of sight, out of mind.

12/24 hour display. Crescendo beep alarm, touch snooze button (snooze interval is 5 mins)

Dimension: W14 x D14 x H63.5 cm