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Brokis Night Birds pendent lamp

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...like the silhouette of birds in the evening sky. Inspired by the grace and freedom of bird flight, the original Night Birds ceiling lights bestow a poetic charm and unprecedented dynamism to your interior. The lights do not merely hang in space – they fly. They provide you with the freedom of flight in creating variable compositions ranging from several individual lights to entire flocks of birds. The glass shades, formed to depict wings in various phases of flight, together with the pleasant, gentle LED illumination, bring the ambience of your favorite space to perfection.
The technologies applied in the Night Birds collection are based on the principles of recycling, sustainability, and eco-friendly production. The base material used in making the lights is the waste glass generated in the production of other Brokis collections. The recycled glass material is subjected to several stages of processing combining traditional glassmaking techniques (hand grinding, sandblasting) with modern ones (melt molding, waterjet cutting, mold shaping) and resulting in a unique product that embodies both tradition and modernity. Each piece is an unrepeatable original with its own story. At the center of the Night Birds lights is an adjustable, hand-lathed aluminum body that serves to house the light source.