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Harry Potter Candle Light with Wand

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Set the perfect magical ambience to any room with this Harry Potter Candle Light with Wand Remote.

Candles can be found aplenty illuminating the corridors and rooms of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While this candle doesn’t float, the freestanding candle, with the Hogwarts crest subtly etched into its side can be placed wherever you want to add a touch of magical decoration and splendour to. The wand remote control can then be used to give any budding witch or wizard their ultimate power fantasy. As if casting the spell lumos, look as if you are actually lighting up the candle with magic by pointing your wand at it and wowing your friends and family. The beautiful ambience and mood that the candle light creates, along with the ability to turn it on and off with the press of a button is sure to bring joy to the face of any Harry Potter lover and those around them.

Material: plastic
Dimension:  w19xd10xh10cm