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Marbolous Marble Track Desk Toy, classic black

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Designed by Jan Friedmann and Sebastian Sauerbeck, the Marbolous Marble Track Desk Toy invokes the magic of childhood memories. With no wires, batteries, or technology, this adult-centered marble track stimulates endless fun. Watch as 30 white glass marbles roll, spin, and twirl around the 360-degree metal track, complemented by an intricately designed mechanical marble lifting system. The protective glass dome adds another layer of fascination to your experience. An instruction manual also guarantees a seamless setup.

Material: Plywood with Veneer, Recycled ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber, POM Plastic, Glass
Dimension: 16ø x 26cmh

- 30x Glass marbles
- Glass dome
- Handmade stainless steel track
- Socket with mechanical lifting system
- Instruction Manual