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Nomon Mini Look wall clock, brass/walnut

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The Nomon Mini Look Clock stands out for having a double ring that perfectly frames the silhouette of one eye. These rings are made of fiberglass, a very innovative material used in the vast majority of our clocks. The hands have a particular way because they seek to imitate the eyelashes of an eye.

There are two lines parallel to each other to mark the hours and minutes. These are made of natural walnut, an essential material in the construction of our clocks.

To frame the needles they have the polished brass box in golden behind them where the necessary mechanisms of the Nomon Mini Look are to work perfectly. If you are looking for in a unique wall clock capable of being the center of atention and dazzling everyone, the Mini Look Clock is the option to consider.

/ Box: Polished brass
/ Hands: Solid Walnut wood
/ Circle: Black fiberglass
Mechanism: UTS German

Material: brass, walnut
Dimension: w104 x h33 cm