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Mr Maria


Mr Maria Miffy First Light Dimmable Rechargeable Night Light

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Just a small touch to the new Miffys ears will offer the first surprise; First Light is the first Mr Maria lamp to be made of soft silicone instead of the usual hard polyethylene. This makes the lamp extremely huggable and truly irresistible.The nightlight is 30 centimeters high and meets the highest safety requirements. Therefore it can be left next to the little ones bed without any worries.

- High quality BPA-free silicone
- 6 dimming steps incl. nightmode
- 8-120 battery hours (depending on the chosen setting)
- Rechargeable with USB-C cable (included)
- Can be easily used with just two buttons

Material: soft silicone
Dimension: w15 x d15 x h30 cm