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Magis Dish Doctor dish rack, Orange

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dish doctor: a dish rack born of the union of two shells with rounded edges in standard injection-moulded polypropylene. the dishes are placed among a host of stalks, also with a rounded shape and in a contrasting colour, among which the cutlery holders stand out and, rising up above the contour, give dish doctor the appearance of a ship’s hull.

as newson himself said: “i controlled every aspect of this design, even the packa- ging. we adopted fast prototyping, moving from 3d to tooling without any chan- ges made. this dish rack is made in polypropylene like all objects of this type, yet magis production standards are really high and the end result was fantastic!”

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material: standard injection-moulded glossy polypropylene.
dimension: w39 x l46 x h10 cm