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Mathmos Neo Silver lava lamp, violet/pink (42 cm)

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Neo is an innovative design of lava lamp for children and adults. Mathmos' many years of lava lamp knowledge went into developing the only lava lamp that is both stylish and safe for everyone. Neo is made of cast metal in copper, part white or silver, it is low voltage, runs cooler than other lava lamps and has a shatterproof bottle. Neo is available in 6 lava colour combinations all with Mathmos' unique long-lasting formulation.

Material: Die-casting with zinc-alloy material + Chrome plated
Dimension: Ø14 x h42 cm

/ each lava lamp has a approx. lifespan of 2000 hours, when the lava lamp goes cloudy, it means the product has reach its end of life, new bottle can be purchase as replacement, as well as the light bulb.