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Fitwood M-Roll 35 foam roller, black/wood

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M-ROLL 35 foam roller is a roller for self massage. Foam rolling is an effective way to warm up or recover from an exercise. Foam rollers can also be used for lots of different workouts, for example Pilates.

Foam rolling has multiple health benefits. It can ease muscle pain and soreness after working out, increase range of motion, help injury prevention, relieve back pain, and help you relax.

M-ROLL 35 foam roller is made from firm, shape-holding polythene foam discs, which make the roller suitable for sustained and demanding use. The ends of the foam roller are sealed with sustainably sourced birch plywood discs. The smooth surface of the roller is great for people that are new to foam rolling. The even texture isn’t too intense for beginners, yet it is still also effective for foam-rolling-regulars.

The roller is 35 cm long and fairly lightweight, so it’s easy to fit in a gym bag. The smaller roller is also great for effectively targeting smaller areas, like arms and calves. 

Material: firm wood, polythene foam
Dimension: w35 x ø12 cm