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Marset Follow Me Portable LED Lamp

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Fresh design
Atmospheric and really practical. That’s the best way to describe the Marset FollowMe table lamp. The wooden handle perfectly matches the elegant shape of the lamp itself. It’s no wonder this terrific table lamp is so popular with the general public.

Extremely practical
The Marset Follow Me powered by rechargeable batteries makes this lamp hugely practical. The built-in USB port makes it very easy to recharge the FollowMe. When fully charged, you can enjoy this light for five hours. The built-in dimmer allows you to adjust the light to your liking as well as dim it to extend the usable time up to 20 hours.

It really follows you everywhere
Thanks to its considerable portability, the FollowMe can be used in any situation. A warm summer evening or a nice picnic? The FollowMe provides you with the light that you need. This table lamp can be also used anywhere indoors. Want to try an alternative to a candlelight dinner? The Marset FollowMe is truly the perfect choice.

Material: Opal diffuser and polycarbonate body. Plywood handle with natural oak veneer, brass switch.
Dimension: H28.8 x Diameter 12.3cm

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