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Dulton Tissue Dispenser, matte stainless steel

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Although it is a casual item, it is a popular item that is the key to creating an atmosphere at home or in stores. Even at home, I'd like to put some hard paper in the American diner and use it to make a rustling sound. You can also choose the tissue to fit inside according to your preference and use. You can set rolls of kitchen paper, paper towels, tissue boxes, etc. The push-button type opening and closing makes refilling hassle-free.

Vibration finish is a random polishing pattern on the surface of stainless steel. It has a subdued matte-like texture that makes fingerprint smudges less noticeable.

Material: metal
Dimension: 26w x 12.5d x 14.5cmh

- Wall mounting screws (for concrete and wood) are included, but please use screws and plugs that match the structure of the wall on which you are installing.