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Blu Dot


Blu Dot Clutch Lounge Chair

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Sturdy yet elegant and comfortable without being overly plush Clutch's rounded edges and curved back wrap around to provide the perfect resting spot for arms.

Comfortable upholstered bent wood seat back.
Navy on Ash, Smoke: Stained or painted solid ash wood legs, molded wood seat with ash wood veneer.
White Oak: Solid white oak wood legs, molded wood seat with oak wood veneer.
Walnut: Solid walnut wood legs, molded wood seat with walnut wood veneer.
Olive / Pewter: 100% polyester upholstery.
Edwards Light Grey / Navy: 28% Wool / 70% Acrylic / 2% Nylon blend upholstery.

Measures: 26" L x 27" W x 25" H
Seat Height: 14"