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Bordbar Cooler add-on

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Accessories for Bordbar Airplane Trolley

The Cooler is designed specifically for the Bordbar Trolley, turning it into a super cool mini refrigerator perfect for bottles of champagne, beer or any other drinks. The refrigerating unit of the Cooler is very quiet (thanks to the same technology used for minibars in hotel rooms) and is powered by mains electricity. The Cooler has its own transparent door, which ensures the drinks inside are kept chilled even if the door of the trolley is kept open. The Cooler is built into the trolley and cannot be removed or retrofitted. It takes up approximately 8 of the 14 shelf slots inside the trolley.

Must be ordered with a new Bordbar Trolley, cannot be retrofitted or removed

Takes up 8 shelf slots inside the trolley
Material: metal, plastic, glass
Dimensions: W 27.4 x D 38.1 x H 46.8 cm
Capacity: 18 litres