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Bluelounge Magdrop magnetic cable holder

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The MagDrop from Bluelounge is a small, but extremely practical cable holder, with which cables can be optimally attached to drawers, walls or the desk. The self-adhesive back of the magnetic plate can be easily peeled off and attached to any hard surface. The flat magnetic tape is tied around the cable, which is placed on the plate to secure it. The heavily embedded neodymium magnets at both ends of the MagDrop ensure that each cable stays in its deposited position without slipping. It is the optimal reusable cable management solution. MagDrop can be used wonderfully at home, in the office or in the car. For example, charging cables can be neatly stored.

- building with Neodymium magnets (strongest permanent magnet commercially available in the world)

Material: silicone, neodymium magnets
Dimension: w3 x d1 x h.3 cm