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Fools Paradise Mona Lisa: Discovering

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ZCWO and Straveling Muzeum embark on a new project in collaboration with Fools Paradise, to create a unique Mona Lisa like you’ve never seen before!Showcasing a Fools Paradise creative design style, this project humanizes Mona Lisa's iconic image, and integrates a splicing mechanical feature to the design that cuts the outer shape of the helmet into 12 distinct layers, adding that feel of technology to this classic piece of art. Featured In the helmet, the cartoon image of Mona Lisa from ZCWO's previous blind box work echoes. The combination of real and cartoon characters is interesting in this collaboration style. The product is a blend of the never fading, classical art & fashion elements, showcasing Mona Lisa’s history, and charm.

Material: pvc, polyresin
Dimension: h44 cm

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