Marset Dipping Light S table lamp

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Marset’s Dipping Light, designed in 2018 by Jordi Canudas, captivates with its unique, coloured glass sphere. As its name reveals, the multitoned surface of Dipping Light was created by dipping the diffuser into paint several times. Jordi Canudas has been called an alchemist of light because he wants to experiment, be surprised and create something entirely new of familiar elements – also Dipping Light was a result of play and experiment. Its various layers of paint form stripes that filter the light in different intensities and give it a fascinating tone and texture. A brass base with soft matte glow perfects its appearance. Handmade in Spain, Dipping Light is a poetic piece of art that catches the eye also when the light is turned off.

Designer: Jordi Canudas
Material: Glass, brushed brass
Diameter: 12,5 cm
Height: 22,2 cm
Light source: LED 3W 700mA (included)
Colour temperature: 2700 K
Luminous flux: 150 lm
Protection class: II