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Ides D-Bike Dax , White

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D-Bike Dax is designed to assist babies and kids to develop their physical coordination. With its rounded shape, soft wheels and handle-bar, D-Bike Dax is the most suitable ride for kids around age 1 - 1.5, to play indoors. Through playing with mom or dad, children develop their communication skills too.

D-Bike Dax is the perfect training bike for kids! Recommended for kids from 1 years old. The compact, rounded design and soft tires makes it perfect to be ride inside the house.

Feature: Stable and safe with 2 front wheels + 1 rear wheel; Soft and durable handle; soft and fit in best with kids bottom; soft tire not to scratch the floor. 
Dimension: W. 42 cm - D. 49 cm - H. 50 cm

Age: 1 year and up to 20 kg 
Recommendable height: over 75cm