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Bordbar Shelf with led

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Accessories for Bordbar Airplane Trolley / Bordbar Box Trolley

The Shelf with LED is designed specifically for the Trolley. The glass shelf has an inbuilt multicolour LED light which is switched on and off with a remote control, which can also be used to programme the colour changes of the light. The light is powered by the electricity mains, and it makes the perfect accessory for a mobile bar, whether it is to be used inside or outdoors.

Takes up 1 shelf slot inside the trolley.

Can be used for both the standard sized Bordbar Trolley and the smaller Bordbar Box Trolley. Powered by the electricity mains via a cable exit at the back of the base plate, which can be used to discreetly and almost invisibly plug the cable to a power source
Dimensions: W 27.4 x D 37.3 x H 2.2 cm
Material: metal, glass