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Zenith 590 Stapler Mix

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An updated version of the classic all metal Zenith Stapler. In primary colors, with a strong red plastic top and metal mechanism and handle. With its satisfying heft and elegant shape, this plier stapler is a true pleasure to use, and will last as long as you do. Nickel plated, rear loading, with extractable pusher and patented anti-jamming device. With a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. With its small, inconspicuous staple and small head with deep set fulcrum point, the Zenith can get to spaces other staplers simply cannot reach.

- Made in Italy.
Max stapling depth (reach) for paper insertion - 47mm
- Staple type 130/E 6/4 (box included, staples up to 15 sheets) or 130/Z 6/6 (will staple up to 30 sheets)

Material: steel, plastic
Dimension: 8.7w x 15.4d x 1.6cmh