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Bordbar High Table Add-On , Black

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Accessories for Bordbar Airplane Trolley

The Bordbar High Table is designed specifically to fit over the Bordbar Trolley to create a small table. It is a perfect way to create a compact standing desk, bar counter or general purpose shelf with all the advantages of having a multipurpose Bordbar Trolley attached to it.

The frame of the Bordbar High Table is made of anodised aluminium, whilst the top is made of Fenix NTM, a high-tech laminate which is extremely durable and low maintenance. The detachable High Table can be fitted onto any new Bordbar Trolleys without the need for any tools. It also comes with castor wheels, so that it can be as mobile as the trolley.

Materials: frame in anodised aluminium, top in Fenix NTM laminate
Finishes: black frame - black table top
Dimensions: W. 114 cm - D. 40,5 cm - H. 106,5 cm