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Marset Follow Me Plus Portable Led Lamp

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Big brother
The FollowMe Plus may ring a bell. It happens to be the ‘big brother’ of Marset's popular FollowMe table lamp. Equally practical and versatile, but a bit more robust. This lamp also operates with rechargeable batteries and hence more flexible in terms of use. What distinguishes the Plus from the regular FollowMe is the power of the lamp. You can use this version to illuminate larger spaces.

Flexible and rechargeable
The rechargeable batteries ensure that the FollowMe Plus can operate for 5 – 20 hours. The integrated dimming function is certainly an advantage, both in terms of the flexibility of the lamp and its length of use. The more you dim the light of the lamp, the longer it goes. Recharging is very simple, thanks to the built-in USB port.

It goes everywhere with you
The oak handle gives it away: you can carry this lamp everywhere with you. It can be used indoors or outdoors. A warm summer evening, a fun picnic or a cosy read on the couch? The FollowMe Plus never leaves your side. This model also works particularly well as a regular table lamp, for example, in rooms with few electrical sockets. Definitely recommended for people who are looking for a multifunctional lamp. (download data sheet here)

Material: Polycarbonate, plywood, oak veneer, brass
Diameter: 18,5 cm
Height: 43,5 cm
Light source: 3,2W LED (included)
Colour temperature: 2700K
Luminous flux: 240lm
Dimmable: Yes
Notes: Designed primarily for indoor use. Battery lasts 5 hours in peak power, 10 hours in half power, 20 hours in quarter power. Charging time 10 hours.

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