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Åry Sweden


Åry Sweden Birch Veneer Tray (31cm), Flower Bellis Mustard

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The products are made from FSC®-certified wood and contain between five and eight birch veneer sheets depending on the model and size.
The print itself is printed with high-quality inkjet printers on an FSC®-certified paper.

The motif is then protected by a melamine-based surface layer that makes the surface heat-resistant up to 130°.
All materials are put together by hand before being pressed into shape under high pressure and heat. This craft requires both accuracy and dexterity.
All raw materials come from subcontractors in Europe and the manufacturing then takes place in our own factory in Nybro, Småland.
The molding technique together with the properties of the wood veneer gives a very durable, environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe product.
If the tray is not to be used in a restaurant environment, we recommend hand washing, as dishwasher detergent causes visible wear on the surface during frequent machine washing.

Material: birch veneer  
Dimension: 31cmø