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String Rods, Beige (w24xd1xh8cm)

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The rods are created to optimize a shelving combination and fit together with metal and galvanized shelves. The rods are available in the following widths: 24 cm, 53 cm, and 72 cm. The rods with widths 53 cm and 72 cm must be mounted along the width of the shelf, whereas the 24 cm wide rod can be mounted along the width or depth, if the shelf has depth 30 cm. The rods increase functionality and makes it possible for even more creative storage solutions. They are the optimal accessory for your hallway or wardrobe shelf since they make is possible to add coat-hangers from String® System. It is also a great spot to hang scarves, shawls or why not the dog leash. Each packaging contains one rod.

Material: Powder-coated steel (fine textured) (NCS S 3005-Y20R)
Dimension: w24. x d1 x h8 cm