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Balmuda GreenFan, dark grey (EGF-1688)

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BALMUDA's exclusive GreenFan Technology generates two types of airflow from a single fan, changing the direction and movement of the air.

While traditional fans move air using the rotation of a propeller, resulting in an uncomfortable swirl of wind. This is why air from a typical fan feels harsh and artificial. GreenFan Technology concentrates and diffuses the swirling effect of the fan's airflow, transforming it into the type of breeze found in the natural world in which air moves across a flat surface.

Material: plastic, metal
Dimension: Ø33 x h87/50 cm

Patented double layer fan blades delivering soft and natural winds
/ Wind can reach 15m in distance
/ Adjustable horizontal oscillation angles from 30° to 150°
/ Silent motor generates as low as 13 dB while operating
/ 1.5 w ultra low power consumption
/ Height adjustable 87cm (floor fan) / 50cm (desk fan)
/ 1-year manufacture warranty