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Lemnos Miki Urushi Wajima Clock

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Wajima lacquer is made by applying and polishing in multiple layers to create a durable coating and an extremely smooth surface finish, while transparent lacquer has a unique zelkova wood grain hidden behind the transparent lacquer surface. It has a beautiful finish that stands out. This watch allows you to fully feel the time it takes for the zelkova tree to grow, as well as the labor of the craftsmen in the lacquering process.
To match the glossy lacquered atmosphere, the hands of the clock are also painted with a glossy finish, and the numbers and indicators on the dial have a special printing process that raises the printed surface.

Material: Zelkova Wajima lacquer finish Comes with a stand The zelkova wood frame used for the watch "MIKI" is made with Wajima lacquer and clear lacquer, which are traditional crafts from Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Dimension: ø14.8xh6.2cm