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NEO/CRAFT Iris Globe (Ø45cm), Cyan/Magenta/Silver

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The Iris Globe pendant lamp looks like an iridescent soap bubble. It is the result of ambitious craftsmanship combined with innovative technology. The coating process specially developed for the luminaire uses the same physical effect as a real soap bubble. The play of colours on the surface is influenced not only by the colour variation of the coating but also by the colour environment and brightness of the room. The neutral silver-grey version, on the other hand, reflects the unadulterated colours of its surroundings. An OLED module serves as a light source and at the same time as a suspension device. When switched on, the reflections in the sphere create a light column inside the luminaire. When switched off, the reflection dominates and the sphere is less transparent. The replaceable OLED lamp inside the glass sphere produces a soft, neutral and glare-free light.

Material: Glass, interchangeable ceiling cap OLED-Module Silver
Dimension: Ø45 cm

/ Handmade in Germany
/ Cable length 500cm
/ Light source: interchangeable OLED-panel (included)
/ Lifetime approx. 10.000 h, max. 700mA, 500 lumens , 11 watts, 110 – 240 V, 2900 K (warm white)