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Marset Ledtube A, bronze

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The Ledtube has long been one of the most functional products in the collection, a reading light with a beam that has the clear purpose of illuminating without disturbing. It has no glare and its light can be pointed in any direction. It’s so easy to use that it’s almost instinctive, and so versatile that you hardly notice it’s there if you don’t use it.

The switch is integrated in the base, maximum ergonomic design, with absolute flexibility to move it in any direction. The Ledtube A also incorporates the honeycomb louvre that traps peripheral light in all directions and prevents glare.

- Integrated switch to turn the lamp on and off.
- Lens at 25º with a honeycomb grill to avoid glare.

Material: Injected aluminium structure
Dimension: ø6.5 cm

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