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Hay New Order highboard

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This pre-configured New Order 2.0 system uses modular design to create a striking shelving composition. This particular composition would work well as a floor cabinet in the work place or living room and has plenty of storage space.

In order to make choosing your New Order Shelving as simple as possible, this composition is ready to buy. The price of this composition includes the following pieces in only:

1 * Shelf Top 100
1 * Shelf Middle 100
1 * Shelf Bottom 100
1 * Single Profile / Set of 4 / 68cm
1 * Single Profile / Set of 4 / 33cm
1 * Steel Back Panel Double Height 100
2 * Steel Side Panel Double Height 34
1 * Steel Sliding Door Double Height 100

Material: Aluminium, powder-coated
Dimensions: w100 x d34 x h109 cm

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