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Gingko AtlasGlobe Lamp Mini, Mini Sky Blue

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Immerse yourself in the elegance and wonder of our world with the AtlasGlobe Light, a sophisticated world globe light that serves as both a source of illumination and a piece of interactive art. Ease of use is a key feature of the AtlasGlobe Light. A simple tap on the copper button activates the light, while an extended touch adjusts the brightness, thanks to its advanced LED technology. It promises a long lifespan of 50,000 hours and ensures energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The globe’s base is ingeniously designed with three smart spinning metal balls, enabling the globe to rotate freely. This unique feature adds an interactive dimension to the globe, making it a fascinating educational tool and decorative item. The AtlasGlobe Light is crafted from durable, scratch-resistant, frosted material, ensuring it remains timeless in your collection and adds a touch of natural elegance.

- Battery life: 6 hours
- Light Source: 4 x 0.2 watts RGB LEDs
- LED colour temperature: 2900K~3100K
- Output: 160 - 1700 lumens (Depending on the colour of the light)
- Power input: DC5V 0.5A
- Power source: 1600 mAH Li-on battery

Material: FSC certified wood with premium anti scratch ABS
Dimension: 13ø x 14.5cmh