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Maison Francal


Maison Francal Maleficient I Run This Castle Natural Scented Candle 180g

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Maison Francal's natural scented candle Disney will plunge you into the universe of the dreadful Maleficent, one of the most powerful characters of Disney. In fact, with its tuberose scent, this scented candle will inspire you thid woman of character with green skin and yellow eyes, dressed in a long black and purple cape and carrying two huge horns on her head. It will awaken the dragon so strong that is in you.

Don't act like The Sleeping Beauty, don't wait for the kiss of the charming prince to wake you up, this vegetable scented candle from the Francal House in limited edition to 500 pieces waiting for you to awaken the scents that it has in it !

This vegetable scented candle from The Francal House is published in ultra limited series numbered to 500 pieces.

Burning time 50 hours.

Dimensione: dia. 7,5 cm - h. 9 cm