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Qeeboo Teddy Girl rechargeable lamp, Black

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The teddy bear, the emotional object par excellence, is reinterpreted by Stefano Giovannoni for Qeeboo and becomes a table lamp. The new pop icon, tender, and fun at the same time was designed in two versions, Boy & Girl. Teddy Girl, more timid and delicate, brings to light the feminine soul of the famous little bear, embracing a small luminous sphere. The luminous bear thus expands the large Qeeboo family made of objects out of the ordinary which play with colors and different finishes. Teddy Girl is available in velvet - softer to the touch - in color variations ranging from warm to cold tones.

- Light Source: 1x 4W LED rechargeable battery
- Cable: USB cable included
- Duration: 6hours use.

Material: PE Polyethylene
Dimension: W24 x D35 x H32 cm