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Magis Cyborg Elegant armchair, white

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Cyborg Elegant Armchair, desigend by Marcel Wanders for the Italian manufacturer Magis.  A cyborg is an organism that incorporates natural as well as artificial features. Inspired by this type of synthesis a chair was created that is made partly of synthetic material and partly of natural products.
The material mix: glossy polycarbonate (the seat shell of the chair) meets the natural resources wicker (the chair's legs) and tightly woven rattan(the chair's backrest). An additional eye-catcher: The combination of materials makes the armchair half transparent.  Also the design vocabulary of the Cyborg Elegant Armchair by Magis has a futuristic touch: Very modern and stylish Cyborg sets a great accent in your living or dining room.

Material: Polycarbonate, wicker, rattan
Dimension: w56 x d54 x h82 x sh46 cm