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Dragon Mask


Dragon Basic n99 filter mask, one size

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The DRAGON N99 filter is a new generation product with the highest efficiency of air filtration, up to 30% greater than HEPA filters applied in other pollution masks. It's the only filter on the market which was tested by the CIOP National Research Institute. The N99 activated carbon filter used in Dragon masks effectively absorbs 99.9% of toxins , viruses and pollutants (such as mold, dust, tobacco smoke, fumes, PM2.5 and PM10 dusts). The activated carbon used in the filters is responsible for the adsorption of dangerous heavy metals and partially neutralizes unpleasant odors.

This mask cannot be wash and reuse. Depending on the air pollution, the N99 filter is efficient for 10 hours of use (approximately one week when the mask is being used 1.5h a day).