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Dulton 5 Layer Cabinet with Drawer

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A steel cabinet whose face is boldly finished with a glass door. It goes without saying that the beauty of the design creates a sense of presence, but by making the stored glasses and tableware look beautiful, it raises the sense of ownership to another level. I also dislike the drawer at the bottom, which doesn't dare to expose everything and feels like it has a certain amount of leeway. In addition to the kitchen and dining room, it can also be used as a display case in the garage or study. A cabinet that you can love as much as when you first met it, no matter how many years pass.

Material: Steel, tempered glass, polyethylene, steel
Dimension: 40w x 29.5d x 95cmh

- Door internal dimensions: H.710mm W.340mm D.260mm
- Drawer internal dimensions: H.60mm W.310mm D.245mm
- Glass shelf: 330 x 230mm