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Magis Butch Table by Konstantin Grcic 129cm x 75cm

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The beech frame adds warmth and character to the Butch The Wild Bunch Table 129x75cm, while the HPL tabletop adds a contemporary feel and is highly durable. The Butch The Wild Bunch Table 129x75cm is a charming focal point in whichever room it is placed; a beautiful accent piece. This charming item of furniture can be used in the home as a dining table, or utilised in the office as a desk. The underside of the table features fibreglass and polypropylene reinforcements, which ensure that the furniture will remain in optimal condition for years to come.

Colors white tabletop HPL, black tabletop HPL
Materials beech, polypropylene, fiberglass, HPL
Dimensions Length: 129cm Width: 75cm Height: 73cm

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