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True utility


True utility Z-Bug Bug Zapping Lantern

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The next line of bug defense is Z-Bug Lantern + Light. Equipped with bug-attracting NUV LEDs and a 360º bug-zapping electric grid, this lantern & spot light combo will keep your outdoor excursions enjoyable and bug free! The handle easily adjusts to conveniently serve both light modes. Z-Bug™ Lantern + Light includes Z-Bug Bulb™ Sweeper to remove insect remains from the grid housing.

3 Light Modes
Spotlight (120 lumens with light out to 120meters) - 18 hrs; Lantern white only (250 lumens with light out to 10 meters)- 24hrs; White & NUV LED's - 24 hrs; NUV LED's only (395 nm) - 40 hrs.

Side positioned On/Off button.
Hold button to dim either light.
360-degree insect zapping rails (1000v-1200v)
360-degree protective cover for electric rails.
Adjustable handle
Accessories: Z-Bug Bulb™ Sweeper for easy cleaning
Batteries: Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)
Dimension: Height: Closed - 5.46” / Open - 7.79”; Diameter: 3.58”