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Kay Bojesen


Kay Bojesen Wooden Puffin

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The Puffin by Kay Bojesen is not just a toy. It is a sculpture that takes its place on the unique threshold between fantasy figure and design objec.

Although the wooden dog by Kay Bojesen is not a copy of the real animal, it has a strong personality full of life: The wooden animal looks cheeky and curious. Full of soul, humour, and craftsmanship, this clever little piece appeals to the inner child in all of us. The wooden animal by Kay Bojesen has a pure, modern expression without unnecessary shapes and delights both adults and children with its timeless design.

The Danish manufacturer Rosendahl Design Group manufactures the wooden animals by Kay Bojesen in close cooperation with his family out of high quality oak and walnut. Throughout his life, Bojesen honoured one mantra: good design has to be human, warm and vivid. "It should remind us of a circus", he said, describing his work, of which his wooden animals are considered the most popular.

Kay Bojesen is considered as one of the greatest Danish functionalists with his user-friendly and modern design language. His innocent designs combine form and object, seriousness and fun. Bojesen has the unique ability of bringing wood to life which has made him into an international design icon.

DimensionsHeight: 19.6 cm, Depth: 12.5 cm, Length: 13.5 cm