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Wilkhahn In 184/7 Office Swivel Arm Chair

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Sitting in 3D
The human organism needs movement. Physiotherapists, orthopaedists and psychologists agree that life means moving. Movement is the foundation for wellbeing, stress reduction and performance. For good reason, this is an important issue of occupational health promotion.

Kinematik Trimension®
The Wilkhahn patented 3D technology opens up new dimensions of movement sitting due to new process and material technology. The unique sitting comfort, combined with perfectly synchronized 3D dynamics, increases the ability to concentrate and activates the organism. For more relaxed work.

Shape and function in an athletic aesthetic design
High-quality materials and surfaces combined with the ingenious design make the Wilkhahn IN 3D appear sporty and athletic. Innovative manufacturing processes make a 2K high-performance plastic back system possible, which is manufactured from one piece, but is nevertheless provided with different elasticities.

Trimension® Technology With seat tilt (for body weights from 45 to 140kg)

Material: covered in racer fabric, glass fiber-reinforced, black-gray polyamide. Armrests in polypropylene or polyurethane.
Dimension: w. 69 cm - d. 66 cm - h. 101 to 113 cm - Seat h. 40 to 52 cm