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Vipo Snoopy Silicone rechargeable lamp (20 cm)

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moomin led-light is calming and pleasant source of light. the light is easy to switch on and off by tapping it. by tapping you can also adjust the brightness of the lamp. there are five different brightness levels. moomin led-light works both with micro-usb and batteries.

  1. to turn on: press the round button switch at the bottom or press the"on" button on the remote control.
  2. to turn off: press the round button switch at the bottom or press the "off" button on the remote control, or tap to the "off" position.
  3. to operate the remote control: press the "on" button to switch to working mode, and adjust the brightness of the light through the '+' and '-' buttons on the remote control. there are 5 positions. while in the working state, press the "off" button to exit the working mode. the product has a brightness memory function. after powering off and turning it back on, the brightness at the last shutdown applies to the product.
  4. to operate the tap function: the light turns brighter with every single tap. there are 5 brightness positions. then the light is the brightest, give a tap to exit working mode, and give another tap to enter working mode.
material: silicone
dimension:  w13 x d16 x h22cm